12-week-old Lab puppies brought in as strays on Valentine’s Day

A pair of 12-week-old puppies thought to be Labrador retriever and Alaskan husky blends had no cause to celebrate a time of love on Valentine’s Day in Harris County, Texas. Instead the little guys – both suffering from skin infections, were brought to the Harris County Animal Shelter; they were found in the 77073 zip code.

No one has arrived to claim the puppies. They must be out of the shelter by Monday February 17, 2020.

Check out their video:

550386 & 550388 (Skin issue) – 2/17 URGENT!! ATTENTION NEEDED. <<💲236 in verified donations including FB for both dogs💲>> One of three things will happen today 1. A Positive Outcome: The owner comes to reclaim, someone offers to foster through the shelter or an adopter or rescue places a hold to ensure safety (the ultimate goal) 2. Time Extension: Staff may extend for another day (our hope if no positive outcome occurs) 3. None of the prior options happen and the animals are moved to the euth list and may be euthanized tomorrow morning. (what we hope to avoid)Due to the number of animals coming into the shelter daily combined with a lack of space means there are no guarantees the staff can extend. Therefore TO ENSURE SAFETY there must be an adoption hold placed, shelter foster offer received or a rescue group tag by 5:30pm TODAY.If you’d like to adopt you have to go to the shelter today between 1- 5:30pm to place the adoption hold. If you can temporarily foster don’t hesitate to contact the shelter or comment below the video. If you can’t adopt or foster, please donate to help a rescue have funds to cover costs of care, share this post, “like” the video, comment below the video, tag other people who can help – all are ways to increase the video’s engagement. Higher engagement = more people that will see this animal in need <<💲236 in verified donations including FB for both dogs💲>>http://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=HRRS.A550386 (28 lbs.)http://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=HRRS.A550388 (25 lbs.)Age: Both 12 weeksThis video was shot on FRIDAY 2/14/20INTAKE: STRAY brought in on 2/14/20Zipcode Found: 77073HOW YOU CAN HELP:🐶ADOPT!: Adoptions must be made IN PERSON at the shelter. Adoption Hours are 1-5:30pm on Monday-Friday and 11am-3:30pm on Saturday-Sunday. Adoption Fees: $50 Dogs, $80 puppies (includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, rabies and microchip). Seniors and Military ½ off adoption fee.📧 FOSTER (temporarily keeping a dog in your home – think of it like in-home dog sitting): Rescues and the shelter both need FOSTER homes. If you live in Harris County and would like to foster for the shelter see this link with foster info and the application: https://bit.ly/2PNUnX0 OR you may comment below the video that you are willing to foster and others will connect you to a rescue that can help. When you foster, you help the shelter create more space in shelter which enables them to save more lives.🤝DONATE: We, Day of the Dogs, are a 501c3 organization. We collect donations up front to encourage a rescue group to pull. Rescue support is key to increasing the save rate at any shelter. But like shelters, rescues work with limited space and financial resources. Most need outside donors to support their ongoing rescue efforts – to cover the costs of fostering, caring for and transporting animals. If you can’t adopt or foster this is a VERY important way in which you can help. Think of it as crowdfunding to save as many lives from HCAS as possible!HOW TO DONATE: There are two optionsDonate directly through Facebook’s Payment Processor through the “Donate” link below the video that shows the Day of the Dogs logo and says “$XX raised for Day of the Dogs” (no ID needed as it is assigned to the animal’s post)ORDonate directly to Day of the Dog’s PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/DayoftheDogs (you *MUST* put Animal ID in notes)➡Donation page FAQs: https://www.dayofthedogs.org/faqs ⬅This link describes the entire donation collection process and explains how to request a refund if the animal is adopted, RTO,euthanized or dies🗣 SHARE, "like" the video if you haven’t already, comment and TAG people who can help. Any way to engage with this video so Facebook continues to share the post with more people. This could save a dog's life.Location of animal:Harris County Animal Shelter 612 Canino Road, Houston, TX 77076281-999-3191 Press 0 Phone Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (Closed 12pm – 1pm) and Sat-Sun 8:30am-4pm www.countypets.com****NOTE: THIS IS A VOLUNTEER RUN PAGE CREATED BY Day of the Dogs – CONTACT THE SHELTER STAFF WITH ALL QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS FOR UPDATES****

Posted by Harris County Animal Shelter Pets In Need on Friday, February 14, 2020

One of the puppies is a female, and the other one is a male. These puppies are friendly and very loving They need help urgently. Who can FOSTER until a rescue group can be secured? The shelter is full, and there is no time to waste.

According to the Harris County Animal Shelter Pets in Need; their reference numbers are 550386 & 550388. There are no adoption or rescue holds in place. Continue to share, tag those who can help.

The higher the video engagement the more people will see this video. Sharing saves lives.

💲201 in verified donations including FB for both dogs💲

http://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=HRRS.A550386 (28 lbs.)
http://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=HRRS.A550388 (25 lbs.

Please refer to the donation page FAQs: https://www.dayofthedogs.org/faqs  The link describes the entire donation collection process and explains how to request a refund if the animal is adopted, RTO,euthanized or died

Location of the puppies:
Harris County Animal Shelter
612 Canino Road, Houston, TX 77076
281-999-3191 Press 0
Phone Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (Closed 12pm – 1pm) and Sat-Sun 8:30am-4pm www.countypets.com

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