20-year-old dog surrendered day before Easter – help needed to save him

A 20-year-old dog is sad and confused after losing his home and family the day before Easter. The elderly dog, named Rocky, was given up because of his owner’s working schedule…and now he needs help to find his way out of the busy shelter.

On Sunday, Chester County Dog Tails wrote:

This poor boy is just beyond devastated to find himself in a loud, scary shelter on Easter after being a companion to his owner for a reported 20 years. He is very unsteady and weak in his hind legs and is having trouble standing on the kennel floor, so wonderful staff and volunteers put down a nice blanket so he will stop falling 

According to information on his owner surrender form, he is an amiable old boy who enjoys the company of everyone, from kids and cats, to other dogs. He also is reported to be a fan of baths. His former family stated that he is “quiet, calm and a “good dog” who just needs a “good home.

Help needed

Rocky needs help to find a reputable rescue group to take him in. Chester County Dog Tails outlines how you can assist:

The heart break is too much to bear just reading his story, so imagine how HE feels being alone in that shelter. He needs a hero fast- RESCUES! Who can help? Email lifesaving@acctphilly.org/ Rocky is at ACCT PHILLY in Philadelphia PA- 111 W Hunting Park Ave . He is currently rescue-only as a new arrival and because he is so scared. Please speak up if you can foster.

Facebook thread for Rocky here.

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