207 nights sleeping alone and 207 days of being passed by – shelter hopes to find lonesome dog a home

An animal shelter in Elgin, Illinois, is hoping to find a lonesome dog a home. The dog, named Ron, has been passed by at the Anderson Animal Shelter for 207 very long days.

On Saturday, the shelter posted a photo of Ron and explained the sad situation that the shelter pup has been in for 207 days:

207 days. That’s how long Ron has been waiting for a family. 207 days since he was pulled from a hoarding house and taken into a county animal control facility to be held as evidence in a court case.

• 207 days of hearing “Today might be your day”
• 207couchless naps
• 207 times the lights have gone off in the kennel and Sassy has been left behind
• 207 missed sunsets
• 207 nights of sleeping alone
• 207 times he’s been passed over

While pointing out all that Ron has overcome:

Ron started his life in a dark place but has been working hard to overcome. He is learning to walk on a leash, sit, and interact politely with people. Now he is ready for a patient family that will foster to adopt and introduce him to life in a home. Let’s make 207 Ron’s lucky number.

Can you help?

If interested in adopting please reach out to the shelter’s Behavior Program Manager Andy at asalis@andersonanimalshelter.org

If you can’t adopt Ron, please take a moment to network on his behalf – the more people who know about him, the better his odds are of finding a new family!

(Image via Facebook)

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