84 malnourished, emaciated and matted dogs rescued from horrible puppy mill

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, along with the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office and the assistance of the Tulsa SPCA, rescued 84 malnourished, emaciated and matted dogs living in horrible conditions at an alleged puppy mill on Friday.

The dogs spent their lives in cages, only kept alive to breed and make money for their owner. Many of the dogs had no teeth, were soaked and caked in urine and feces, and some of the dogs were in extremely critical physical condition. The dogs lived their entire lives on cage bars – no surface beneath their feet. None had ever felt the cool feel of grass under their paws.

The veterinary staff and volunteers are doing their best to save their lives. On Saturday, the dogs were being groomed, bathed and going through physical examinations and medical assessments.

The worst of the dogs by far was this dog.

“He was in a tote with another dog, laying in their own filth and urine – totally unable to move. He was hardly identifiable.

“… After 3 hours of grooming, we discovered this boy has two deformed back legs with no feet/paws. Hidden inside 2+ inches of solid matted fur were live maggots. We aren’t sure what the future holds for him, but he is eating well and getting around fairly well. We hope he will gain more strength now that he is actually able to move,” the rescuers posted on Facebook.

Funds are desperately needed to help all of these dogs. Sadly, two of the 84 puppy mills dogs died.

Follow the rescued dogs on  Oklahoma Alliance for Animals.

More information will come forward later. www.animalallianceok.org/donate.

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