A dog owner’s heartbreak and warning after puppy dies from eating vape juice

A tragic accident led to the unexpected demise of a family’s beloved puppy and the dog owner has shared her story in order to prevent another pet parent from the same heartbreak. On Sunday, Facebook user Katie Baars recounted how her Saint Bernard, Molly, succumbed to the poisonous effect of vape juice and a Juul pod.

Baars writes:

I know most of us have dogs and other pets and I wanted to post this to help save lives of pets so people are aware of the dangers of vaping equipment and pets. I just lost my Saint Bernard puppy yesterday. She had eaten a juul pod and chewed a bottle of vape juice.

Unbeknownst to Baars, her 17-year-old child had vaping paraphernalia hidden under the couch in the house. Tragically, it was Molly who found the deadly items. Baars describes the symptoms the 12-week-old puppy exhibited:

Molly presented Friday night with a staggered gait and weakness. We rushed her to the vet on the way developed problems breathing. When we arrived the seizures started. A few hours later at the vet she went into cardiac failure.

She explained how toxic these vaping items are to dogs:

While searching my home to find any possible thing she could have gotten I found the chewed items that I KNOW were not there the day before. There is no antidote for this stuff. Only supportive treatment. It’s extremely toxic even in small amounts. Plus the flavors often attract pets to it.

Baars hopes that by sharing her tragedy, another dog might be spared. She writes:

I hope in her tragic untimely death her story can create awareness on the dangers of this stuff. I have made this shareable so please feel free to do so.

(Image via Facebook)

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