A forgotten old boy – senior dog has spent nearly his entire life at shelter

An old boy, nine years of age, has seemingly been forgotten at an Alabama animal shelter. The senior dog, named Roger, has been waiting for seven years at the Calhoun County Humane Society in Alabama.

An advocate writes:

We don’t understand why things are not clicking for Roger, who is so easy to please, and a low-maintenance companion! Though he enjoys walks, Roger doesn’t need acres of land, or tons of exercise. At 9 years old, he’s spent all his life at the shelter on hard concrete floors, and what he now needs are cushy beds.

Adding complimentary comments about his amicable demeanor:

Roger is a total mush and a lover with people. He loves to just hang out, has a particular talent for sitting on your foot, and enjoys belly rubs or to look deep into your eyes with an adoring gaze. He makes photoshoots really hard because all he wants is to sit in people’s lap! Roger is quiet, easy, a master at cuddling, hand-holding, and all the ways to make you feel special. At the shelter, he follows the staff around while they do their chores. He’d be the perfect companion for someone who needs extra love in their life, and are looking for a low-key doggie.

Though Roger can be in the company of other well-behaved, polite dogs (while supervised) it has been recommended that he be the only pet in the home (no other cats or dogs).

Interested in helping this old boy?

To adopt Roger, please email calhouncountyhumane@gmail.com with any questions or to apply!

The shelter is located at 1201 Parkwood Drive, Anniston, AL

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