A rescue’s worst nightmare: Adopted two years ago and abandoned again in a crate

At the CAMO Rescue in Texas, volunteers and shelter staff were brought to tears this week after the rescue of Finn Alexander. His past is so tragic.

“Adopted out in 2019 abandoned 2021 in worst condition. How can a sweet dog have such a past:

  • 2014 landed in the Dallas Animal Shelter and was adopted out
  • 2019 landed back in the Dallas Animal Shelter and was rescued by another rescue organization
  • 2019 adopted out from the other rescue
  • 2021  abandoned in his crate with all his belongings left in a park and landed in the Denton Animal Shelter

The rescue that saved him from the Dallas Animal Shelter has since closed, but have reached out to CAMO Rescue to help. The Dallas Animal Shelter and Dental Animal Shelter are working together and will be identifying, through a microchip, the dog’s previous owner. Who abandons their dog at the park and just leaves them defenseless in a crate?

And now on Sunday, Finn Alexander arrived at CAMO Rescue. He has a new name and a new start.

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