Abandoned German shepherd found in ditch with bag of food

Someone is believed to have abandoned a German shepherd, left with a bag of dog food, in a ditch in Blue Grass, Iowa. The heartbreaking incident was posted to the Blue Grass Iowa Police Department Facebook page on Tuesday morning.

The department writes:

Hello Blue Grass Family and Friends,
This morning this German Shepherd was found, what appears to be abandoned in Blue Grass. This furbaby was accompanied by a large bag of dog food in the ditch.

The dog was too frightened to hop in the police car, so officers had to call for assistance. The department explains:

We had no choice but to call our friends at the Humane Society of Scott County animal control to help us safely bring her/him to a safe place.

The police are hoping that someone will recognize the dog and provide them with more information. Chief Jahns writes:

If you know who this pup might have belonged to. Please send us a private message or call us at the police department at 563-381-1485. For any inquiries on adoption please call the Scott County Humane Society at 563-388-6655

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