Abandoned Lab waited for days at Home Depot for her owner

In the San Bernardino area of California, a yellow Labrador retriever waited for three days at Home Depot for her owner to return. She was probably used for breeding; her milk had dried up long ago.

When a concerned citizen called about the heartbroken dog – just obediently sitting and waiting – obviously for her owner to return, Dream Fetchers Project Rescue went into action. Faith Easdale set a humane trap, but the dog wasn’t having anything to do with a cage. And so it was time to be creative.

As the dog wandered into the garden area and hid under the shelves for garden pots, Faith crawled under while a kind stranger helped.

“I was able to save her and get her comphy,” wrote Faith on her Facebook page. “She gave me kisses to thank me. That was all the reward I needed.”


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PLEASE NOTE: Any inquiries about this dog must be made through information supplied above.

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