Abandoned shivering and terrified dog left tied to railing at vet office

At the Dewitt Animal Hospital in Syracuse, New York, an employee discovered an abandoned dog left tied to the railing of the veterinarian hospital on Wednesday morning. The poor dog was cold, shivering and terrified.

“Someone decided to boil my (Crystal’s) blood this morning. Got into work, only to find this poor guy tied to our front railing. He was cold, shivering and terrified. We’ve now got him inside, warm, fed and safe…” the organization posted on social media.

No one knows who left the dog, now dubbed Jack Frost, outside in the freezing cold. He does not have a microchip.

The Town of Dewitt Police Department and Dewitt Animal Control have been notified. The public’s help has been requested. If Jack Frost looks familiar, please contact authorities.

On Thursday morning, the Cruelty Division at the SPCA will be taking Jack Frost and care for him. They are investigating, and therefore the dog may not be made available for adoption.

Updates to follow.

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