Abused and neglected dog rescued from cemetery

A dog, abused and neglected, was recently rescued from a cemetery in Malden, Massachusetts. The two-year-old pit bull, dubbed Forrest, had been spotted in the cemetery multiple times and eventually, Malden Animal Control Officer Kevin Alkins captured her.

As reported by WCVB 5 News, Forrest was terrified and malnourished when she was first captured – a veterinary exam revealed that aside from being starved, she was suffering from two injured knees which needed surgery to repair.

With the help of Lisa Cutting, owner of Ocean View Kennel, and donors – Forrest is on the mend. Over $8000 has been donated on behalf of the dog who was cast aside and left to fend for herself.

Find the GoFundMe created for Forrest at this link.

(Image via GoFundMe)

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