Abused dog adopted from shelter, but her new family gave her just 3 hrs before returning her

A formerly abused dog was recently adopted from an animal shelter in Arkansas, but her new family gave her just three hours to adjust before deciding to take her back. On Wednesday, the Humane Society of the Delta recounted the sad situation to Facebook followers, writing:

Our sweet Southern Belle. She just keeps getting let down đź’”

We’ve been trying to advocate for this girl for a while now. She came to us after being abused by her owner resulting in jaw reconstruction. You can see her front lip hangs down a little further. That’s from the hands of a human.

We thought Southern Belle was on to her forever life. A family wanted to give her a home, and we were beyond excited for her new start. She would have people that would treat her well, and other dogs to play with. Couldn’t ask for anything better.


She was given 3 hours to adjust, prove herself to be worthy in their eyes, and settle into a brand new environment. Just 3. It breaks our entire hearts. We don’t know of anything she did wrong. There were no fights or scuffles, no concerning behavior or anything.

With words of frustration for the family’s lack of patience with a dog who has been through so much:

She deserved more than 3 hours. So, tonight she will spend another night in a kennel, without a cozy bed, without new toys, and without a real family. All because she wasn’t given time. We think there is a perfect family out there for Southern Belle. Somewhere…

Adopting Belle

Interested in giving this beautiful girl a true chance for happiness? The shelter writes:

She is available for local adoption. Please email us at adopt@humanesocietyofthedelta.org if you are interested in being Belles hero. She needs one.

(Image via Humane Society of the Delta Facebook page)

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