After 12 years, lost dog reunited with shocked family

Over 12 years ago, a dog slipped out of her family’s yard in Florida and seemingly vanished into thin air. Much to the shock of her owners, the same dog has finally been reunited. As reported by CBS Pittsburgh, Dutchess was discovered more than a decade, and over 1000 miles from where she disappeared so long ago.

Last week, the now elderly, 14-year-old fox terrier was found under a shed in Carnegie, Pennsylvania – she was taken to a Pittsburgh animal shelter where a microchip was discovered, leading to the identity of her true family. On Friday, she was reunited with her family at the Humane Animal Rescue on the North Side.

The dog’s owner, Katheryn Strang, tells the news agency:

I’m just so happy to have her back. I cried so many nights without her. I was at work, and my son, who was 12-years-old accidentally opened the door in the afternoon after school one day and we never saw her again.”

Strang never lost hope of being reunited with Dutchess – each year she paid to renew the microchip and her diligence finally paid off.

Always keep identification on your pet. Collars and identification tags with current contact information are the first line of defense and microchips are there if tags fall off. It is critical to keep contact information up to date.

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