After 15 years of being someone’s companion tiny Yorkie left at shelter to die

After 15-years of being someone’s companion, little Quark was brought to the Southeast Area Animal Control (SEAACA). The tiny, geriatric Yorkshire terrier weighs just 7.8 pounds, has cataracts, severe dental disease and has a possible oronasal fistula.

According to his animal advocate,  Quark has been at the shelter since March 31 and his “due out” date is April 10. After a life time of being someone’s dog and companion, they brought him to the shelter to die alone.

“This is the kind of little dog they will euthanize on the avail date if no rescue has committed,” Alissa Branham posted on social media hoping to find someone to help.

“No little dog should have to sit terrified and alone in a scary shelter for their final days and then die in a shelter kill room.”

Let’s find someone to adopt, foster or a rescue organization to help Quark. Share his plight with approved rescues, family, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

You can follow this little pup here as pledges are being accepted to be paid to a reputable, foster-based 501-c3 rescue organization. Quark may not have much time left, but he should be loved, cared for and cherished until that day arrives.

For more information about Quark, contact:

(562) 803-3301

Make sure to reference 20-16864

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