After four hours of searching animal control officers rescued 11 abandoned dogs

In Delaware County, Indiana, it took four hours of searching cornfields, crawling into drain pipes and chasing 11 abandoned dogs. On Wednesday morning, Muncie Animal Care posted photos of some of the scared dogs rescued on their Facebook page.

The day began:

“We are currently at W 650 N and 500 E trying to catch 11 dogs that were possibly dumped. There are 10 Chihuahua mixes and a large black dog. They are extremely scared. If anyone has any information on the matter please contact us ASAP! Please share!”

Four hours later, everyone breathed easier including the rescued pups:

“UPDATE** After 4 hours of crawling through drain pipes and corn fields, all 11 dogs were safely rescued by our stellar ACOs!!”

The shelter personnel had been alerted to the situation where ten Chihuahuas and a large terrier had been spotted running in a field. The Good Samaritan tried to capture the dogs, but the quickly scampered away – some running into a nearby drainage pipe.

The dogs will be completely checked out by veterinarians. Two of the dogs are pregnant and have been placed in a foster home. Two more are underweight and three have skin infections. None of the dogs had been spayed or neutered. It doesn’t appear the dogs have been socialized, and it is very likely they were abandoned.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Delaware County Animal Control at 765.747.4851. To help with their care or for additional information, please contact:

901 W. Riggin Rd (975.57 mi)
Muncie, IN 47303
(765) 747-4851
Typically replies within a few hours

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