After three long years, missing dog is reunited with her family

A feel good story out of DuPage County, Illinois, is exactly what the world needs right now. It’s the tale of a dog who disappeared three years ago while her owners were visiting Elk Grove Village…the dog, named Lola, was recently discovered in Glendale Heights and she was taken to the DuPage County Animal Services facility.

Fortunately, Lola had a microchip which allowed staff at the animal shelter to locate her rightful owners. Imagine Debra Mejeur’s shock when she learned that Lola was still alive, and that she had been found!

Lola will be spending the holidays with her family for the first time in years. Please ensure that your pets have not only an identification tag with your current phone number, but a microchip (with your CURRENT contact information).

Congratulations Mejeur Family!

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