Ailing and injured stray ‘time-stamped’ at busy animal control agency

An ailing and injured dog, brought in to a busy animal control agency in Philadelphia on Monday, has already been “time-stamped” to be out. The dog, dubbed Sully, lays on her bed, waiting for whatever will happen to her next.


Per Lifesaving – approached kennel and dog is laying on bed. Does not react to me approaching. tossed some treats through kennel and dog did not move or get up for treats. Opened kennel door and again tossed some treats. Dog lifted her head but did not react beyond that. No signs of aggression to handler opening and sitting at the end of the kennel, just nervous. Interaction ended.

And she has medical issues:

Stray dog with many old wounds, suspect arthritis contributing to difficulty ambulating and pot-belly appearance with cranial organomegally that may be indicative of underlying endocrine disease (Cushing’s vs other). Scant blood in nares and left sided head tilt could indicate more acute cranial injury vs more of a chronic issue. Other than wounds skin also shows signs of chronic allergies (atopy vs food vs infectious/mites vs other). Currently stable, but multiple concurrent issues that require further work-up and care.

Sully is time-stamped to be out of ACCT Philly by 5:30 p.m. on 4/29. Will you please help her have a positive outcome by sharing her adoption information?

Sully A44215758

Intake Type: 4/27 Stray — Police drop off

Weight: 57.8 pounds

Please help if you can and contact

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