Alarming recommendation to consume cat and dog meat to combat Covid-19

There are doctors in some countries who have presumably made alarming recommendations to patients to consume cat and dog meat to combat the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. As reported by the Independent, there are people who believe that the meat from these animals has “warming properties” which can help keep flu viruses at bay.

The news agency reports that there is an uptick in the sale of dog and cat meat in Cambodia and Vietnam due to the coronavirus, and it states that physicians in these countries are known to recommend the meat to patients to help protect them from cold weather and recover faster from surgeries.

A vendor in Cambodia told an investigator with Four Paws that the meat is, “is good for health and helps ward off cold or viral illness, like Covid-19.” The animal welfare organization reports that an estimated 10 million dogs and cats were killed and consumed by people in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia yearly before the pandemic – now the number is rising.

Dr. Katherine Polak, a vet and head of Four Paws stray animal care in southeast Asia, tells the agency that dog and cat meat are even available on restaurant take out menus right now:

This is concerning because we had never seen dog and cat meat dishes being advertised on a food delivery app before the Covid-19 outbreak. It demonstrates that the dog-meat industry is adapting to the increased consumption at home and increased ease of obtaining dog and cat meat, even during a lockdown,”

Most of the cats and dogs slaughtered for food have been stolen, or picked up as strays from the streets. Read more about the dog and cat meat trade at this link to Four Paws.

(Screenshot of caged dogs via Four Paws)

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