All about Lola: Loving soul has been at California shelter for 500 days

At the Orange County Humane Society in Huntington Beach, California, Lola still watches and waits for the family who once loved her. Picked up as a stray in May 2018, it’s been 500 days since she arrived at the shelter; her records indicate at the time, she had recently given birth to a litter of puppies, but they were no where to be found.

A volunteer described the five-year-old mixed breed terrier with the sorrowful brown eyes:

“I first met Lola when she arrived to the shelter. She had recently had puppies, from whom she had been separated and found herself in the shelter environment.

She was understandably quite sad and under a tremendous amount of stress, but despite those unfortunate facts, she responded to me with kindness and affection. I’ve known Lola for over a year and her kindness and affection has never wavered.”

Lola is a young “old soul.” She always greets her friends at the shelter wagging her tail and giving out kisses. She will not miss an opportunity to cuddle with her humans.

So what is Lola like, and what kind of home would best suit this adorable pooch?

“I believe that Lola would thrive as the only dog in a home with a large back yard. She’s a strong dog who loves to run,” her advocate wrote. “With some training, she could be a very enthusiastic and appreciative jogging partner.”

Share Lola’s plight with family, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives and often finds the perfect home. Lola is a great dog who just “needs a break.”

For more information about Lola click here.

Orange County Humane Society is located at 21632 Newland Street in Huntington, California 92646.

Call 714.536.8480.

You can also contact Lola’s advocate directly at

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