‘Amazingly happy and joyful’ dog has an owner, but they didn’t come to the shelter to get him

A three-year-old dog, described as “amazingly happy and joyful,” finds himself at a Henderson, Nevada, shelter. The dog, named Prince, has a microchip and his owner has been contacted, but the pup was not claimed.

On Wednesday morning, the City of Henderson Animal Care and Control posted a photo of the Scottish Terrier, writing:

ID# A1168196

Prince is a 3-year-old, neutered male, Scottish Terrier. What an amazingly happy and joyful dog! His tail is wiggling all the time in front of people and animals alike. He is energetic, jumps high at doorknobs to get you to open the door, and absolutely loves squeaky toys. He will gladly hop up next to you when you are sitting on a bench or couch, he comes when called, and “sits” on cue.

Prince does well in doggy playgroups and the shelter promises that this “silly little powerhouse” will bring a smile to your face. Interested?

Shelter phone: (702) 267-4970

Animal Care & Control
300 E. Galleria Dr.
Henderson, NV 89011

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