Amazingly sweet senior dog picked up as a stray and nobody came to get her

A senior dog, described as “amazingly sweet,” has found herself homeless after being picked up as a stray and taken to the Everett Animal Shelter in Washington. The strikingly beautiful dog, dubbed Diva, obviously had a family at some point in time, but nobody came to get her.

Diva is enjoying a temporary stay with a foster family, who has shared glowing remarks about her personality:

 She’s a super cuddle bug and loves to be petted and scritched. She loves to be around friends and likes it best when all her people are together in the same room. Diva came in as a stray and has been doing just an amazing job of learning house rules. She is a pretty polite pupper and doesn’t bark much. She is very clever and excels at training, picking up new things quite quickly.


She doesn’t know what toys are for yet, but she loves getting out for walks and being active. She seems to have a fairly high prey drive, so a home without small animals will be a must. Diva loves meeting other people and friendly dogs. Despite what she may have been through, she is really just an amazingly sweet and lovely girl who wants a forever family to snuggle with.


Diva is an eight-year-old Doberman Pinscher who is being adopted out through the Everett Animal Shelter. Find her biography on the shelter’s website here.

Address: 333 Smith Island Rd in Everett WA,

Phone: 425/257-6000.

(Image via Everett Animal Shelter)

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