Another heartless jerk pulls to side of freeway to abandon small puppy

In the city limits of Perris, another heartless jerk driving a silver Tacoma pickup truck, pulled over to the side of the I215 freeway on Tuesday morning and pushed a cardboard box out onto the side of the road. In the box, there was a small, white puppy. What could have been a dangerous situation for a motorist or the puppy was luckily averted because an eyewitness spotted the defenseless puppy and stopped to help.

And then came the call to Dream Fetchers Project Rescue:

“Project rescue
Puppy in a box on freeway
Silver Tacoma pick up opened passenger door thinking he was unseen
(God only knows what happened to the others 💔 )
But a hero saw his dirty deed and grabbed him before he could be harmed
Your safe tiny one
You will never know harm.”

And this innocent victim of animal cruelty will be examined by a veterinarian, checked for any identifying microchip and be cared for in a foster home until he is eligible to be adopted.

To donate to Dream Fetchers Project Rescue, please click here.
Update to follow.

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