Another victim of hoarders and another dog who doesn’t even know what love brings

Out of the Metro Detroit area of Michigan, another hoarding situation brings nearly 60 dogs in need of help. Saving Destiny Animal Rescue, a foster based rescue, reached out to help Monroe, a feral pup arriving at the rescue and so frightened he has no idea what will happen next.

“They don’t know if the hand coming at them wants to hurt them or love them,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page along with Monroe’s heartbreaking photo. “Most of them, like Monroe, don’t know what love is. We have to show them.”

No one knows much about Monroe yet, except that he existed in a living hell with approximately 60+ other dogs.

“As feral as he may be now, we see a dog worth the patience. A life long friend who will be there when you need him, love you when you need it. We don’t rescue for it to be easy, we rescue for it to be worth something. Monroe is a small part of that something.”

Monroe will need time before he is ready to be adopted. In the meantime, you can follow his progress here.

For more information and how you can help:

Attached is their Amazon wish list if you would like to help provide for animals in need.
Venmo: @SavingDestiny

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