Army veteran smashed window to save puppy in hot vehicle

A man in Norfolk, Virginia spotted a dog trapped inside of a hot vehicle and smashed out the window to save him. Outdoor temperatures on Tuesday soared to over 80 degrees.

According to  KoloTv, Jason Minson saw the black Labrador retriever puppy trying to get cool inside of a car by sticking his nose out of the windows left opened an inch. Minson gave the dog water from two full bottles and called the police to say the dog was trapped.

“Hang in there, we got the police on the way,” Minson could be heard in the video trying to reassure the pup help was on the way.

Minson worried the dog might die in the hot car, and instead of waiting for the Norfolk Police to arrive, Minson smashed the window.

Minson is an army veteran with a service dog of his own, and stated he would never leave his dog alone in a vehicle, but hoped if a circumstance similar to this one occurred with his Great Dane named Rex, someone would come to the dog’s rescue.

Animal cruelty charges are pending against the dog’s owner.

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