Arnold Schwarzenegger makes psa for coronavirus with donkey and horse

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California, made the most adorable video and posted it on his Twitter feed Sunday evening; featuring his mini donkey, his mini horse and his rescue dog. Schwarzenegger, 72, a former actor is urging people to stay home.

“No more restaurants, forget all that. Public gatherings, restaurants, gymnasiums are out the window. We stay home.

The important thing is that you stay at home, because there’s a curfew now. No one is allowed out. Especially someone who is, like, 72 years old. After you are 65, you are not allowed out of the house anymore in California. So we stay home and we eat here.”

Check out the video:

And as Schwarzenegger advised his 4.4 million Twitter followers how to practice social distancing and hand washing to fight COVID-19, he fed Lulu the donkey, and Whiskey the horse, carrots. The video was posted on Sunday evening after California Governor Gavin Newsom advised anyone over 65, and those with health issues to stay home and isolate themselves from others.

On Friday, Schwarzenegger posted  a video about hand washing featuring his rescue dog Cherry; telling his followers he washes his hands a minimum of 50 times a day just to be safe and for everyone else’s safety.

For now, he’s even planning a home workout plan seniors can perform at home.

“Stay the F’ home,” Schwarzenegger stated!

“Take this seriously and remember not to listen to idiots. Listen to experts. The experts tell us to stay home, not to go to restaurants and bars. Listen to them…”

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