Backyard puppy left to suffer because owner didn’t want to spend any money on him

A black Labrador retriever puppy had been surrendered by his owner on Friday. Sadly, with limited funding, the rural shelter had no money to provide dogs with veterinarian care and if not rescued within a 24-hour time limit, humane euthanasia would have been the only choice. This little guy had been turned in because he had an abscess on his neck.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had been notified of tiny Bubba’s fate and immediately stepped forward to help. What seemed as if a veterinarian visit would have taken care of the puppy’s abscess turned out to be a life threatening condition.

The puppy’s foster parent tells the heartbreaking story:

“This was supposed to be an easy one. Black lab puppy has 24 hours to exit the shelter because he has an abscess on his neck. No brainer,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page.

“I’m picking him up. He’s gorgeous. Less than 12 hours after I get him home he’s hospitalized. Why?”

In addition to the abscess, the puppy began to vomit worms as well as exhibiting bloody diarrhea. More than likely this little guy had been picked up free of charge, dressed up with a camouflage collar on his neck, named Bubba and left chained in the backyard until his health deteriorated to the point where the owner decided to turn him in at the nearest shelter – for free.

“Didn’t want to spend his beer money on dewormer or vaccines because free is free .. and hell, if this puppy doesn’t work out, there’s hundreds of others for slaughter,” the angry volunteer at the rescue wrote.

“So after he laid around for a few days and was noticeably suffering, they washed their hands of him and dropped him at the shelter.”

The puppy is currently in critical condition at the organization’s partner veterinary hospital where he has been diagnosed as anemic and infested with worms. On Friday, he was barely able to even lift his head. It is only hoped that help didn’t come too late.

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