Bandit, the paralyzed ‘jail dog’ has passed away

Bandit, a paralyzed dog who was trained and cared for by Georgia’s Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program, has passed away. The former “jail dog” was adopted by Darrell Rider, a man who is also paralyzed from the waist down.

This week, the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program Facebook page alerted followers of the beloved dog’s passing, explaining what happened:

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of Jail Dog Alumni Bandit yesterday. He had been dealing with a large, bleeding tumor in his bladder that was un-operable.
Bandit was one of the Jail Dog’s “poster children” since he was confined to a wheelchair after his back legs became paralyzed from a bad reaction to a heartworm treatment as he entered the program back in 2014.

Prior to being adopted by Rider, prior adopters tried, and failed, to give Bandit the round-the-clock care that he needed to thrive. Each time, he was returned to the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program where inmates shared the workload.

Bandit’s perfect home was found in January 2020. Gwinnett Jail Dogs commended Bandit’s family for their unwavering love and care for the handicapped dog:

Over the past year we have watched Bandit flourish in his home with “mamma and daddy”. They have been kind enough to bring Bandit out to support our program, kept us updated on how he was doing and even gave his “adoring fans” a Facebook Page they could follow. Bandit would meet new “fans” on his walks with his family and continued to steal the hearts of all he encountered.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Darrell and Sue as they mourn the loss of their boy. They were his loving and caring family up to the very end and we are so very thankful they made him their own.

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