Barely alive Chihuahua dumped roadside in his kennel

In Opelousas, Louisiana, on Sunday morning a tiny dog was dumped on the side of the road still in his kennel. Fortunately, the dog now dubbed Honey was discovered before it was too late. St. Landry Animal Rescue sent a public message to the heartless person who dumped the helpless pup.

“To the person that dumped this dog roadside IN HIS KENNEL … HE DIDN’T DIE!

By the Grace of God, I found him… nearly dead …saturated with fleas, emaciated, anemic, barely able to stand. In route to care center.”

Honey is one of the lucky ones. Although dumped as if trash, the shelter has been providing him with the care and love he so desperately needed. First he received a flea bath, a gentle meal and then a warm bed to rest and dream of better days to come.

By Monday morning, Honey has been trying his best to stand even though he is fearful.

“If anyone wants to donate “Pedigree Puppy Food” canned, it means so much to a starving puppy in need.”

Updates to follow.

Donations can be sent to St. Landry Parish Animal Control at 255 Hanger Road in Opelousas, LA 70570. Monetary donations to help support Honey and so many just like him at the shelter can be made by clicking here.

Check out Honey’s photos. He is so adorable and wants to please … how could anyone be so callous?

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