BC SPCA seizes 40 dogs ‘in distress’ from sled dog operator

Dozens of dogs, said to be “in distress,” were seized from a B.C. sled dog operation this month. According to the BC SPCA, on February 16, a total of 40 dogs were rescued from a West Kootenay sled dog operation.

In a news release, the animal welfare agency outlined the various concerns which prompted the seizure:

Marcie Moriarty, chief prevention and enforcement officer for the BC SPCA, says there were a number of welfare concerns for the animals, including inadequate shelter, hypothermia, suspected dehydration and stereotypical behaviour witnessed in some of the dogs.

Conditions at the property were found to be in “direct violation” of some areas of code. BC SPCA officers had tried to work with the owner of the dogs before the seizure actually took place. The agency writes:

“Our officers worked with this individual, providing clear direction on what changes needed to be made and giving him an opportunity to improve conditions, but he refused to substantially comply with certain areas of the code that resulted in the dogs meeting the definition of distress under the legislation, and so we moved forward with a warrant to ensure the dogs got the care they required.”

The dogs are currently being cared for at various SPCA locations – they are receiving care and are not available for adoption as the investigation continues.


Donations for the dogs’ care can be made directly to BC SPCA at this link.

(Image via BC SPCA news release/Robyn McMurphy)

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