Bicyclist in Austin ran over woman’s dog and now her pup is lost

In Austin, Texas, the owner of a small dog continues to search for her little pal after a bicyclist came up behind her and ran over her dog on the Butler Hike and Bike trail on Monday. Wiley, is still missing today.

“My dog Wiley was hit by a cyclist (while on her leash) on Butler Trail around 12pm 12/30/2019. She ran off in fear after being hit and was last seen in the apartment complex next to CVS Riverside. I searched there and am still searching with no luck. I am hoping she is trying to make her way home. Please call me at 917-499-9453 if you see her.”

According to Karisse Green, the six-year-old dog has been her constant companion and when the bicyclist approached them from behind while on their walk, Wiley slipped out of her harness and fled. The dog was injured when she ran away and Karisse could see blood on the pup’s front paw. She worries there may have been internal injuries.

Sadly, the bicyclist just took off after the crash – never even bothered to help Karisse find the dog. In Austin, dogs are considered property which means there is no requirement for a driver or a bicyclist stop and offer help or try to find the owner. Even if the dog was injured, the act could be considered animal cruelty, but only if the bicyclist had been “reckless.” That would be difficult to prove.

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