Blind man pleads for return of stolen guide dog

A blind man in Harvey, Illinois, is desperate to be reunited with his guide dog, who he believes was stolen from his backyard. According to multiple sources, Kevin Coachman’s German shepherd, Lucca, was in the backyard for a short period of time on Tuesday, and then he disappeared.

Coachman tells ABC 7 News that he and his dog had been out running errands for most of the day, and Lucca was placed in the backyard while he prepared the dog’s food. By the time that Coachman returned to the yard, the year and a half old dog was gone.

Coachman was paired with Lucca, through the Seeing Eye Foundation, approximately three months ago – the specially trained dog provided Coachman with independence, and companionship. He told the news agency that he prays for the dog’s safe return, “I pray that God will put it in on your heart to return him and if not take care of Lucca. He’s a good boy.”

(Screenshot of Lucca via ABC 7 News)

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