Blind ‘Princess’ has been living on Tijuana streets, but her life is about to change

In Tijuana, day in and day out, stray animals suffer. Once they likely belonged to someone, but at some time in their lives, their owners didn’t care, didn’t bother or just threw them away as if they were yesterday’s trash.

“Princess” was no exception. The blind Great Dane and pittie mix lived on the streets, trying to scavenge for food just to stay alive. One can only imagine the fear she felt trying to figure out day from night, right from wrong or friend versus foe.

And even though life has not been kind to Princess, she continues to be sweet and affectionate to everyone she meets. Fortunately, this dog is one of the lucky ones and is getting the help she deserves. Her rescuers in Tijuana are extraordinary humans who see too much suffering and continue to fight the good fight everyday. Princess is currently at a local veterinarian, but plans include bringing her to the United States for surgery.

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“It’s honestly so hard to ignore the call for help when you know without you and your team she will likely die alone and afraid. So Miss Princess, we will see you tomorrow,” posted Sal Valdepeña, founder of the Balooja’s Foundation.

She’s blind and alone tied up in Tijuana, Mexico. She has people looking out for her. The reason she’s tied up is so she doesn’t get hit by a car
Medical pledges would be greatly appreciated. We are working on a plan for her. Please don’t send money until we have her.
Please pledge and help us save this poor girl. She deserves a beautiful life and that’s our goal.”

For more information and how you can help Princess, please contact:

Balooja’s Foundation

▪️ 501(c)(3) Rescue Organization
▪️ Venmo – Baloojas-Foundation
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