Blind shepherd in danger after adopter returned him to animal control agency

A blind shepherd is at risk of losing his life after his adoptive owner decided to return him to a busy California animal control agency. The senior German shepherd, Oliver, was adopted almost two weeks ago – imagine his excitement as he was allowed to leave the frightening animal control agency and go home with a family.

Fast forward to the day that Oliver was loaded into a vehicle and driver right back where he started…at the Riverside County Animal Control. Prior to the first failed adoption, Saving Riverside Shelter Dogs wrote of the difficulties Oliver faces in his kennel run:

Poor Oliver he needs out of the shelter ASAP. He seems to get around fairly well, but it broke our hearts watching him run into his kennel walls. He is currently status yellow and can turn status red any time without further notice.

Please help this deserving senior dog find his way out of the animal control facility, and into a committed and loving home. Find his Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Riverside County Animal Control – Riverside Shelter at (951) 358-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A1566128

Note: All inquiries about Oliver must be made directly to the animal control agency. The Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact. Thank you!

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