Bonded pair abandoned by their owner in midst of Coronavirus pandemic

In the crowded city of Chicago, two bonded dogs found comfort with each other after their owner most likely abandoned them in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The two were picked up by officers from Chicago Animal Control on Monday and brought to the shelter. Sadly, they have been separated and not surprisingly are fearful.

Animal advocates have joined together to help. Maria Fatum, Nancy Nazari: It Takes a Village to save a Life are actively sharing the two dogs hoping an approved rescue organization will step up to help.

“Please Help!! These two scared dogs who apparently love each other were abandoned by their owners in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Chicago Animal Control picked them up and now they are separated and terrified in the shelter. They will be killed because they are scared! Please share, they need help!
We need a Dog Rescue Group to help save these two from CACC,” they posted on Facebook beginning Monday afternoon.

By Tuesday, there have been more than 2,800 “shares” with advocates pledging funds to be paid to an approved organization helping these two dogs.

The dogs appeared in their first intake photo at Chicago Animal Care & Control, but were soon separated adding to the anxiety of both dogs. As is the protocol to separate dogs and because these two are scared, they are in a separate section not open to the public. Neither dog has been tested for behavior.

There have not been any offers to help the dogs. Their PetHarbor intake numbers are 215567 and 215568. Please share their heartbreaking story. Too often, dogs are euthanized because they display fear while in custody, but when rescued and given time to relax and adjust, have become the best canine citizens ever.

If interested, please contact:

2741 S. Western Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
Call (312)

All information is provided above.

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