Bonded senior dogs homeless after their owner died

Two senior dogs, deeply bonded to one another, have been left homeless following the death of their owner. The dogs, Scooter and Chloe, are currently in the care of the Forgotten Pet Advocates, who shared their story on Sunday morning:

They were their Daddy’s whole world. Unfortunately not one family member would step up for them, so not only have they lost their Daddy but they have also lost their home and everyone they ever knew. They are confused and are currently in boarding under the care of FPA.

These bonded senior dogs are over 11 years of age, and they desperately need to find someone who can take them both in. Information has been provided about their health and personality:

Scooter and Chloe are spayed and neutered and current on vaccines. Chloe is a Corgi Mix. She was thrown out of a car and has areas on her body where her fur will not grow back. Scooter is a little mixed breed and was adopted years ago from FPA.

Both dogs are very well behaved. They love to snuggle, not only with each other, but with their person. They enjoy going for walks and are house-trained. Both are very sweet and loving.

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Location: Houston, Texas

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