Broken-hearted Rottweiler crushed in fear at Texas shelter

The shelter has named this broken-hearted Rottweiler mix Blanche. Brought to the shelter on Valentine’s Day, Blanche is crushed in fear and is having a difficult time coping at the shelter with the loud noises and with people she doesn’t recognize.

Check out her video: (copy and paste url into your browser)

At Houston, Save Lives is our Mission, Blanche’s plight has been shared, however no rescue or foster has yet to come forward:

“Shelter volunteer is asking for HELP since no interest so far! 😪 this girl is crashed on fear, very timid, she needs to feel is safe and is more than the world of the streets for her.. she learned that many humans pass by and not one actually show her some care and love. Please she needs for sure a BIG patience foster and rescue who will take time with her!,” a volunteer posted on the group’s social media page.

At this time, Blanche is only available for rescue; she is just too frightened and desperately needs our help. Share with approved rescue organizations. She deserves better. She needs to learn to trust again.

For more information about Blanche, contact:

Please contact volunteer for Conroe Animal Shelter Tara at phone 501-339-7773. She is only for RESCUE NOT ADOPTION! Please can you share? PLEDGES need it for a rescue for help this girl who needs to learn to trust on humans again and feel real love! Can we make that happen?

Make sure to reference #A028437.

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