Calf rescued from slaughterhouse becomes friends with family dog

Are you longing for heartwarming stories? The saga of a calf, rescued from a slaughterhouse, surely fits the bill. His name is John Lewis Thunderheart, and he resides with Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner, founders of The Gentle Barn, a non-profit animal rescue in in Santa Clarita, California.

When “Lewis” was first taken in, he was in pitiful condition and it was unclear if he would even survive. But the pneumonia-stricken calf not only survived, he thrived, after being moved into his human parents’ home for round-the-clock care. As he recovered, he became fast friends with the family’s Australian shepherd, Sky.

Lewis plays with the dog, and toys, like an overgrown pup!

Lewis is safe and sound with his Gentle Barn family and he will be able to enjoy a long life thanks to the kindness he has been shown. Follow Lewis and his adventures at this link to The Gentle Barn’s Facebook page.

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