Cancer-stricken dog’s Christmas wish comes true

A homeless, cancer-stricken dog’s Christmas wish has come true. Donovan, a homeless pooch with Pets and Vets USA, has been without a family of his own since 2013. The pit bull was saved by the rescue group five minutes before he was scheduled to be put down, but years later, he remained a homeless shelter dog, living over 2000 days without his own home and family.

Donovan was not only homeless, but diagnosed with two types of cancer. Recently, his care-providers reached out to the public, hoping to find a “fospice” (foster/hospice) home for Donovan to enjoy before his time runs out. Against all odds, a home has been found and Donovan’s Christmas wish has been fulfilled.

His new owners recount how Donovan hit their radar:

While mulling through Facebook posts one Sunday evening, I came across a post from a rescue I had not known about. It was secretly reposted by a friend of mine who was hoping I would see it. She was aware that I had lost my best dog friend a few months ago and my husband and I were deliberating our next step to foster or adopt and when that might be. The minute I saw Donovan’s beautiful picture with those bright eyes I was hooked.


I contacted my friend Lori and she got the wheels in motion. We were so lucky that we were able to meet Donovan one night and it was that night I felt we had a connection. He was so playful and such a people person by the end of the visit he was on his back requesting a tummy rub.

And how Donovan is settling into his life as a beloved companion:

In this short time that he’s been part of our family, we’ve watched him become calm and affectionate more and more each day. Every day he learns something new and is excited when we have visitors so he can share his affection with them as well. As a cancer survivor myself, I know what a positive attitude can do for your well being and outlook on life, and we’re grateful that we can provide him that room to grow and enjoy life as every dog should. He’s loving his pre-breakfast, snack ball and cuddling on the couch and my heart is filled while I watch him.

Donovan’s wish has come true and his story provides hope to the other long-time shelter pups who are waiting for their own happily-ever-after. Donovan’s rescuers stated:

Donovan’s wish coming true is A Christmas Miracle to all the unwanted and long term dogs throughout the United States. Donovan’s story gives hope to all dogs that have been in a shelter for long periods of time to show people that these dogs are good dogs, not broken and to take a chance on a long-termer that they do deserve a chance at life.

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