Caught on video – officer breaks car window to save unresponsive puppy from dying

On Sunday afternoon, an Ohio police officer broke out the window of a parked car to save a puppy from dying. The dramatic rescue was captured by the police officer’s body cam.

On Wednesday, the Miami Township Police wrote:

Officer Howard was dispatched to a puppy locked in a vehicle for more than an hour on an 86 degree day. She found that the puppy was unresponsive in the floor of the car and see what she does next.

With a word of warning to people who apparently STILL have not learned that you can’t leave pets or children locked inside of a parked, hot vehicle:

NEVER leave children or animals alone in a hot car. They can’t get out of the car that gets hotter and hotter by the minute.

The puppy was taken into custody by the Clermont County Animal Control, and the agency is taking over the case.

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