Clever dog helped save himself from an apartment fire

A clever dog, capable of a slew of cute tricks, managed to do something that helped save him from a fire at a New York apartment. As reported by KMOV News, Scotch was home alone when a fire broke out at the Tudor City Place Apartment last week.

It was Wednesday morning when the fire started in the kitchen…but Scotch made his way to a window, opened the latch and stuck his head outside. An alert neighbor noticed Scotch…and the smoke, and the fire department was notified.

Help arrived shortly thereafter and Scotch was whisked away to safety. His adoring owner, Susan Capozzoli, isn’t surprised by her dog’s cleverness – she told the news agency, “He opened the window,I swear to god if he knew how to use the phone he would have called me and told me there was a fire.”

The pair have been displaced by the fire damage, but they are safe and together.

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