Colorado town votes to end the sale of puppy mill dogs

A town in Colorado has voted to end the sale of puppy mill produced cats and dogs. As reported by KDVR News, the town council for Berthoud unanimously voted to prohibit the sale of commercially produced pets.

The ordinance was proposed by Harley’s Dream, an organization created to spread awareness about puppy mills. On Wednesday, the non-profit shared the good news with Facebook followers:

Harley’s Dream is Berthoud, Colorado’s Dream, too!

WOO HOO!!!! Harley’s hometown of Berthoud, CO adopted an ordinance last night that prohibits pet stores from selling puppies and kittens. The ordinance was proposed by Harley’s Dream and championed by Berthoud town Mayor, Will Karspeck.

This is a huge step forward for animal welfare in Colorado. We wish to thank the members of the Town of Berthoud, CO Board of Trustees for their swift action in ensuring Berthoud will lead the way in Colorado to establishing and always remaining a humane community.

Harley’s Dream hopes that other towns will follow Berthoud’s example, eventually leading to a statewide ban on the sale of puppy mill produced pets.

Puppy mills are known for their inhumane conditions – from forcing dogs to live in squalid, crowded conditions, to producing sickly offspring.

(Image via Pixabay)

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