Covered in thousands of tiny ticks, petrified dog shakes in the corner

In Colorado Springs, a young dog now named Manda was brought to the National Mill Dog Rescue over the weekend. Staff members noticed thousands of little bugs – they turned out to be baby ticks and had been crawling all over the dog and her kennel. She was quickly moved out of the kennel and cleaned.


As can be seen, Manda was covered in the blood-sucking bugs which must have had a hatching situation since she arrived.

“We never know what sorts of things our dogs will arrive with. This one was certainly a surprise. We have started medical intake today, so we will start discovering the needs of our new residents,” the organization wrote on their Facebook page.

Video #2:

Manda has since been treated and is now parasite free. As can be seen in the above video, this poor girl is so seared and unsure of what is happening to her. Staff members are there to quietly help her cope. While this may be hard to watch, the rescue admits, we are all being assured she will “come around and find her confidence, happiness and wag.”

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