Cute pooch delivers wine to customers during coronavirus pandemic

A Maryland winery has gotten creative with wine delivery for customers who must maintain their social distance during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Rather than handing wine purchases off to customers in person, the Stone House Urban Winery is having an 11-year-old boxer, named Soda Pup, help with deliveries.

The winery’s co-owner, Lori Yata, tells CBS 12 that the friendly pup is a hit with winery visitors:

“They love it, they love Soda, they miss Soda, they keep telling them they’re going to be back soon. People that have never been here before come in just to meet Soda, and watch him do the delivery, people with kids want them to see Soda doing deliveries.”

Soda Pup is able to deliver two bottles of wine at a time and his owners are staying busy, even though business has been disrupted with the current health crisis. Yata tells Fox news:

We are going to look for the positive side of this, closing the store allows us to do things we normally cannot keep up with, we are making tons of wine.

Find the winery on Facebook at this link.

(Image via Facebook)

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