Deaf dog has spent majority of her life in the shelter – she needs a family of her own!

A deaf dog in New York has spent the majority of her life in a shelter. The beautiful girl, named Boo, entered the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter back in 2015 when she was picked up as a stray.

Over the course of five years, Boo was lucky enough to be adopted (after waiting three long years!), but she found herself back inside of the animal shelter when her family lost their home and was forced to surrender her.

Now Boo continues to wait for someone to love her. Nearly four months ago, information about the long-time shelter dog was shared on social media:

Boo is deaf and knows basic hand signals. Boo is now almost 6 yrs old and has spent majority of her life in the shelter. No cats , and she can possibly live with another dog meet and greet required. We are told she had a husky friend the owner stated she played with and can live with older children (teen+).

Helping Boo

If you are unable to directly assist Boo, you can network her information to help it reach someone who can! People with questions about Boo are asked to email the shelter

Find Boo’s Facebook page here.

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