Desperate owner searches for her dog attacked by bear

In Carter County, Tennessee, a desperate owner continues to search for her dog attacked by a bear at Dennis Cove on Tuesday. The black hound dog named Bueford is believed to have survived.

According to WjhtNews, Anna Lowe had been on a hike with her three dogs when she noticed that Bueford had been limping, and so she decided to cut their walk short and head back to the car. Suddenly a bear appeared on the trail and approached them. The dogs tried to get away from the bear, and Anna’s first reaction was to escape from the bear’s path hoping the dogs would follow.

The other two dogs, Daisy and Flash made it safely back to the car, but Bueford never returned. Lowe has spent days searching; on the trail she spotted a mother bear and her two cubs, but there have been no signs of dog hair or blood – leading Anna to believe Bueford might still be alive.

Now the flyers have all been tagged to trees, camping grounds and local buildings to help find the dog who might still be in Dennis Cove or Roan Mountains. Anyone spotting this boy is asked to call 423.647.1432.

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