Devastating end for puppy born with a ‘broken heart’

On Wednesday afternoon, devastating news was released about Logan, the German shepherd puppy who was born with a “broken heart.” The pup, who had multiple heart defects, was in Colorado undergoing a delicate surgery with specialists who hoped to give him a full life…but he could not be saved.

The devastating news was released by Rescued Hearts Northwest:

We can’t even begin to put into words how thankful we are that we had your support through Logan’s whole journey. We are completely devastated. We all did everything we could. The doctors and staff at CSU have been unbelievably supportive through this extremely rough time. Please keep the doctors and staff at CSU and Logan’s foster families in your thoughts as we hold you in ours.

Drs. Chris Orton and Brian Scansen, CSU veterinary cardiologists, also released information about the surgery attempt:

The cardiology team is very sorry to share that Logan did not survive his heart surgery.

Three heart defects were repaired through a combination of catheter-based techniques and open-heart surgery. Unfortunately, at the end of surgery Logan was unable to be removed from the heart-lung machine. He died during one final attempt to come off the heart-lung machine.

We extend our sympathies to Rescued Hearts Northwest, his foster families and everybody around the world involved in supporting him.

Logan was young, but he lived a full life thanks to the people who loved him. Rest in peace little one. In your life, you were shown love, kindness and compassion.

(Image via Rescued Hearts Northwest Facebook page)

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