Dog belonging to deployed military member surrendered to Florida shelter

A young dog allegedly belonging to a deployed member of the military finds himself homeless at a Florida animal shelter. As reported by ABC Action News, the one-year-old Mastiff mix, named Wade, was surrendered to the Hernando County Animal Services facility by someone claiming that he was a stray…but some sleuthing has led shelter staff to a different story.

Wade has a microchip and though the shelter was unable to reach the individual listed as a contact, they did find someone who shed more light on the dog’s situation. The shelter was told that the person who surrendered Wade was actually a man who was supposed to be caring for the dog while his owner was deployed.

James Terry, director of Hernando County Animal Services, told the news agency:

He pretty much dumped him and gave a false story.

Efforts have been made to reach Wade’s true owner, but so far, the shelter has not been successful.

Nobody knows if the stories about Wade are true – the people who have spoken to staff members have been relatively uncooperative.

Right now, a new home is being sought for the big puppy. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to the Hernando County Animal Services at 352-796-5062 or find them on Facebook here.

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