Dog chained to concrete block in canal reunited with his family

In the small town of Coalisland located in Northern Ireland, a fiend walks among the friendly population. On Friday, a officer from the Mid Ulster Council Enforcement waded into a canal to save him when he spotted the dog’s head barely above the water.

According to ItvNews, the Samoyed photo was posted on the Mid Ulster Rehoming Centre for Dogs after his rescue:

Mid Ulster Rehoming Centre for Dogs

June 14 at 10:45 AM

With just his Head showing and chained to a concrete block, the brave Officer waded across to save this Dog’s life.
Rescued from the Canal by the
Mid Ulster Council Enforcement Officer’s.
Any Info to: 028 8773 8861”

Not too long after the pup’s photo went viral on social media, it has been confirmed by the rescue organization, that the dog had been stolen from his owner’s home. They have since been reunited.

It’s always a pleasure to report good news. If you see something, say something. Help those who cannot speak.

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