Dog completely shut down after elderly owner went to nursing home

A dog in Texas is in need of rescue after her elderly owner had to surrender her. According to the Saving San Antonio Dogs Facebook page, the six-year-old dog, named Charlie, is “completely shut down” at the animal services facility.

A post on the Australian Shepherd’s behalf explains:

💔 Charlie is no longer just confused – she has shut down – she is dying of a broken heart. 💔 Her owner went to a nursing home & obviously forgot she had a dog from seeing Charlie’s skin condition – her skin is bad and her emotions are shattered. Please have a plan in place for your animals in the event of an untimely demise.


Charlie today (6/21/20) she has completely shut down & is terrified. She faces the corner & is trembling in fear – she needs a hero now – she is fully aware she’s likely not gonna survive.

Charlie is terrified and in need of rescue (rescue only) soon. Networking her adoption information will help efforts to find her a reputable rescue group.

#A577469 Charlie female – 6 yrs
Australian Shepherd – in bad shape

To adopt via ACS, Email:
or call 210-207-6666

💥To foster/rescue via ACS, Email:
or call 210-207-6669

💥SAPA Foster/Adopt Email:

Note: Charlie is terrified and growling – she is “rescue only.” Please contact the shelter directly for ALL inquiries about her availability and demeanor.

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