Dog, discarded with a ‘free dog’ sign, now sits in lonely kennel run, crying all day

An unwanted dog, recently discarded in a crate with a “free dog” sign taped outside, now sits inside of a lonely kennel run, crying all day. On March 21, the Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary posted photos of the throw away dog, and the post garnered a huge amount of interest, reaching over 83,000 people.

Sadly, the viral outrage was limited to just the dog’s abandonment. A subsequent post indicating that the dog (Bruno) was available for adoption generated almost nothing. The rescue group writes:

Bruno, the dog who was tossed in a crate with a Free Dog sign, sits alone in a kennel all day and night and cries.
When we first posted about him, his post got
❌898 shares and reached over 83,000 people.❌
When we got him here and posted he was available for adoption…SIX SHARES‼️

Bruno needs a home and only six people bothered to share that information. Six. The organization writes of the frustrating situation:

I understand the outrage over what his owners did to him. But where’s the outrage and concern now?
This is one of the biggest hurdles with rescue. Everyone wants rescues to save all the animals. But then it’s someone else’s problem — the rescue or shelter. And then they get euthanized and everyone is outraged over that, but no one cared while they sat “safe” in a kennel somewhere just waiting.

Explaining exactly WHY it is critically important to find homes for these dogs:

They sit in foster, if they are lucky, or shelters or kennels for months. Sometimes years, if they are “lucky” and a shelter doesn’t have to euthanize them to make room for more dogs to sit and wait.
And no one cares.
We try so hard to save as many as we can. But no one wants the adult dogs. And so they sit.
And every day we have to turn more away because we have no room and are absolutely flat broke.
So now we have to say NO. We have no choice. No room. No fosters. No funds.
And everyday we listen to their cries.

About Bruno

Bruno is a good dog. Likes to play, but loves to lounge around and take naps, too. He’s 1 year old, heartworm negative, neutered, up to date in vaccinations, and loves friendly dogs. He loves people and has been tested around teenagers and loves them, too.
Oakley, another young dog here, has become his best friend, and they play together during their yard time every day. We would love to see them adopted together, but we will be happy to see either of them get a home.
Bruno is a hound-bully breed mix. Because of the hound in him, he should not go to a home with cats, rabbits, chickens, etc.
Please don’t fail him. Network, share, and adopt if you can.

Adoption information here.

Location: Mississippi

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